What was the purchase price of the subject property?(Example: $140,000)
What was the purchase date of the subject property?(Example: 10/30/1995)
What is the current Appreciation Rate?(Example: 3.1%)
What is the average price of closed comparables?(Example: $220,000)
What is the average price of active comparables?(Example: $225,000)
What is the estimated payoff of the subject property?(Example: $45,000)
Estimated closing cost percentage?(Example: 2%)
What is the Price Approach commision rate?(Example: 6%)
What is the Traffic Approach commision rate?(Example: 8%)
Ranges of Value by Method
Valuation MethodAverageLow EndHigh End
Appreciation Adjusted Method: N/AN/AN/A
Closed Comp Method: N/AN/AN/A
Active Comp Method: N/AN/AN/A
Average of Methods: N/AN/AN/A

Compare Two Marketing Approaches
Recommended Listing Price: N/AN/A
Less Brokerage Commission: N/AN/A
Less Estimated Closing Costs: N/AN/A
Estimated Net Proceeds: N/AN/A