What is your desired annual net income? (Example: $150,000)
What is the average sale price in your market? (Example: $200,000)
What is your average commission side percentage? (Example: 3%)
What is your companies agent split percentage? (Example: 90%)
What is your buyer-side percentage?
Number of Leads Needed Per Closing
How many hours do you work in a week?
Efficiency Percentage
Gross Commission Income Needed:
Total Closed Transactions:
Number of Buyer Contracts:
Number of Buyer-Side Closings:
Number of Listings:
Number of Seller-Side Closings:
Total Leads Needed:
Weekly Activity Requirements to Achieve Objective
Activity Hours per Week Percentage
Meaningful prospecting calls: N/A N/A
Wasted calls (no answer, bogus, etc): N/A N/A
Listing activities: N/A N/A
Buyer side activities: N/A N/A
Escrow activities: N/A N/A
Administrative activities: N/A N/A
Estimated average work week: N/A N/A