Become a TRUE market expert in 15 minutes or less with these 7 calculators


Want to earn five figures per month in real estate? First you need to become someone worth five figures per month. These 7 calculators will give you insights into your market that will make you feel like you earned a degree in economics overnight. (Easy to use even if you have an extreme math phobia like me.)

(They’re 100% free, no strings attached.)

Why Did I Design These Calculators?


Hi, my name is Matt Jones.

I originally designed these calculators nearly 15 years ago, strictly for my own use.

Back then they were ugly Excel spreadsheets on my Sony laptop computer.

Today they rank as the #1 resource on the internet for key terms like “absorption rate” and “sale probability”.

My calculators have been used by top agents at the following companies (to name a few):

I get approached all the time and asked how to earn more money in real estate.

People expect me to recommend my lead capture technology or my listing presentation.

But my first piece of advice for new and veteran agents alike is to know your market better than anyone else in a hundred-mile radius.

Agents often find this advice confusing so let me explain…

Why the secret to becoming a top-producer is a set of "calculators"


When I entered real estate, I was shocked to discover that the vast majority of licensed real estate professionals know nothing about their local real estate market.

That’s a bold statement, so let me back it up. In my experience less than 10% of active agents have even the most basic knowledge of their market.

To demonstrate, here’s a quick test. The most basic market data every licensed real estate agent should have on instant recall is the average Days on Market (DOM) for their local market.

Most agents think they know it. That’s easy. You can look it up in the MLS, right? But did you know that the average DOM reported in your MLS is wrong? (Like…very wrong.)

It’s not only wrong. It is can be off by as much as 300%! Can you imagine another industry where “professionals” get away with being over 300% wrong!?

Don’t believe me? Here’s a recent case study from 2016.

2016 DOM Case Study


(April 23, 2016) A few days ago, I pulled the latest DOM figures from my local MLS and compared that statistic with the actual calculated DOM.

The Days on Market number as reported in my MLS was 77 days.

But when I calculated DOM using my DOM calculator, the actual average DOM is 243. That’s a statistical error of well over 300%!

Why the huge disparity? Because the MLS calculates the average DOM as the average days on market for the listings that actually sold.

What it leaves out of its calculation altogether are homes that were withdrawn, listings that expired, listings that were withdrawn for a day and then re-listed to restart the clock, or those that were never put in the MLS until they sold (like new construction where they might list only one home in a subdivision, but actually have 20 for sale).

These factors have a significant impact on true DOM but go unreported in the MLS.

Make no mistake, your MLS is off as well — maybe not by as much as mine, but it is typically off by more than 50%.


*This case study was conducted in a typical semi-rural North Carolina market. I recommend you conduct your own case study today. The actual DOM will vary widely from market to market. However, what you’ll find is that the DOM statistic reported in your MLS is consistently wrong no matter what market you’re in.


One commonality I’ve noticed among virtually every top-producing agent I’ve ever met (with a few exceptions) is that they all know their market cold.

Early in my career, I stood out from my competition as a market authority. (Trust me, it wasn’t hard.)

In my first 116 listing presentations, I only didn’t get the listing twice. That’s a 99% close rate.

I stood out because I knew my market backwards and forwards. I could instantly call other agents on their BS. And let’s be honest there’s plenty of BS to go around.

It wasn’t because I was a financial guru or a math wizard. It was because I was armed with the calculators you’re about to use.

I originally designed these calculators for my own use. Back in those days, they were EFFECTIVE but they were also UGLY.

Luckily for you I have an amazing design team who has made these calculators web-based, user friendly, and amazingly simple. Now you can use them from any device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Each calculator comes with a quick guide to show you how to get the most from it.

And of course the best part is they’re 100% free. Why? I believe every single real estate agent on earth should be using these calculators, and for that reason I will never charge a dime for them.

My calculators include:


  • Days on Market Calc – Know your true DOM. Over 90% of agents don’t (and don’t want to).
  • Appreciation Calc – The simple way to calculate appreciation for your market, school district, or subdivision.
  • Absorption Rate Calc – Absorption rate for dummies. One of the most important concepts in real estate!
  • Sale Probability Calc – Figure the odds of selling a property in a specific time frame. No sense in taking a six-month listing if the average DOM is 300+!
  • Business Planning Calc – Want to know exactly what it would take to achieve your income goal in real estate? Use this.
  • Advertising Calc – Instantly know whether a marketing idea is good or bad with the stroke of a few keys.
  • The Ultimate CMA Calc – Most CMAs are manipulative, dishonest, and just plain wrong. I’ll show you a CMA method that will withstand any amount of scrutiny… even an appraisal!

I hope you enjoy them. And if you do, I hope you’ll share them with your friends and colleagues.

While I make them free to agents, there is some cost in upkeep and design. I don’t pass that cost on to you the user, but seeing these calculators shared freely around the internet is payment enough.

I was a nervous first-year agent when I started using Matt’s calculators. I HATED math…but these are so easy to use I actually felt like an expert. 

I had 20-year veterans asking me if I had a background in finance because I obviously knew my stuff.



Matt, you should have seen the look on my competitors’ faces when I dropped the DOM bomb on them. 

They were speechless, but they knew I was right. Now I have all of their respect even though many of them are 10+ years my senior.

James J.


I was a “numbers” guy already, but these calculators allowed me to get the data I wanted in minutes.

It used to take me days to crunch this stuff by hand or outsource it to an assistant. Now I can do it on the fly… thank you, Matt.

Kyle W.


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